Millennium Launched for a Global Development with Local Roots

The Millennium Development Network [MDN] is launched to bring a new spirit and a fresh perspective to the international development. After regional experience in MENA, its founders intend to make substantial contribution to the Global Development from a local perspective.

MDN is the reflection of a global ambition of an original regional initiative, the Middle East Development Network [MDN]. Started as a local project in late 2013 in Istanbul, MDN quickly proved to be a competitive regional player, and in 2016 its founder Murat Daoudov decided to launch its global brand. Going beyond the original geographic scope and with intention to open up to new horizons, MDN became Millennium Development Network. It chose to set its global home base in New York, the city of the United Nations and global cultural and economic center.
"We dream of MDN as a future network of local experts and accomplished professionals, and a platform for courageous ideas and life-transforming innovations. Having extensive regional experience, we decided to step up to the global level with our grass-roots insights, our unusual line and novel approach. We ambition to bring a new spirit and a fresh perspective to the international development" says Murat Daoudov, MDN's founder and president. 
The MDN founders mainly come from the local government professional background. The organization also often calls itself "the cities network", and this is not just a coincidence. The acronym “MDN” on the corporate logo forms the Arabic word "mudun"​, which means “cities.” In fact cities, urban management, local government and local economic development are at the core of our work. Regionally and world-wide.
05 February 2017